Reno NV Zip Codes - The Ultimate Guide

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Reno NV is known as the “biggest little city” in the world. The city is situated in spectacular and diverse surroundings along the Truckee River, near the California border and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. 

Reno NV covers a list of 24 zip codes. In this article, I'll explore the list of area codes for Reno, Nevada, and learn about important places like airports, schools, and neighborhoods, alongside what makes each one significant.

List of Reno Nevada Zip and Area Codes with Population

To give you a general idea of Reno's population and distribution, let's start by listing all 24 of its zip codes along with their comparable populations. This data is shown in the table below:

Zip Codes Population
89501 3948
89502 47062
89503 28737
89506 43321
89508 13394
89509 34817
89510 1874
89511 29143
89512 30148
89519 9610
89521 39119
89523 36646
89557 1023
89504 0
89505 0
89507 0
89513 0
89515 0
89520 0
89533 0
89555 0
89570 0
89595 0
89599 0

Important Note: The population figure provided in the table is approximate and may vary over time for factors such as migrations and economic growth.

Important Areas in Reno NV by Postal Codes

important reno zip code list

Reno is a beautiful booming city known for its vibrant culture and diverse recreational opportunities. The city is situated in the northern part of Washoe County. Reno is the largest city in Northern Nevada containing a population of over 2,35,000.

Airport Zip Code 89502

Reno-Tahoe International Airport's zip code is 89502. It is the nearest regional airport to the center of 89502. This place is home for those who frequently travel for business or pleasure.

This area of Reno, NV 89502 offers a range of services including hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Downtown Reno Zip Code 89501

Downtown Reno aka “The Heart of Reno” can be found in the postal code 89501. It is a thriving region recognized for its entertainment, food, and cultural attractions. The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts and the Nevada Museum of Art in Downtown Reno serve as venues for showcasing the local scene's arts and culture. 

The Sierra Nevada mountains and the Truckee River in the area are excellent places for outdoor leisure in 89501.

Northern Nevada Zip Codes 89506, 89523, 89557

Northern Nevada zip codes are 89506, 89523 & 89557.  

Zip 89506

This zip covers areas including Stead, Lemmon Valley, and Golden Valley. Hiking, riding, camping, and fishing are a few of the outdoor entertainment opportunities available to locals and tourists in this region. 

89506 is also known for affordable homes. The area covers some thriving locations for individuals looking for a calm and beautiful getaway because they also offer a serene and peaceful environment.

Zip 89523

A combination of residential and agricultural areas is included in the zip code Northern Nevada 89523. This zip code is renowned for containing a wide variety of neighborhoods, from peaceful countryside areas to others that appeal to families. 

The zip code 89523 is highly significant as it includes Northwest Reno and Somersett, two of the most prestigious areas in Reno. This area is home to many appealing features, lively communities, and top-notch schools.

Zip 89557

89577 points to Reno-Stead Airport located in North Valleys. It is significantly recognized by the National Championship Air Races held at Reno-Stead Airport. People and aviation lovers from all over the world travel to this event to watch high-speed aircraft racing and aerobatic displays.

The University of Nevada Zip Code 89512

The 89512 zip code encompasses The University of Nevada, Reno. This vibrant place is home to local and international students seeking higher education abroad. The vibrant and intellectually engaging environment of this place allows an excellent facility for the students, lecturers, and staff. Students are provided with well-equipped modern classes, labs to conduct research, libraries, and significant facilities in this university.

Beyond education facilities, zip 89512 of Nevada is an area full of entertainment and joy. For students and residents here, dining, and shopping sectors of the city's downtown are only a short walk away.

South Reno Postal Code 89511

The Southern beauty of Reno, Nevada is represented by the zip code 89511. This lovely place in Reno smoothly combines quiet suburban neighborhoods with booming commercial areas. 

South Reno is graced with spectacular natural beauty. At this place, every day is an opportunity to experience the great outdoors for locals, who enjoy the stunning treasures of Lake Tahoe and the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains.

Nevada Museum of Art 89501

Zip 89501 navigates towards the Nevada Museum of Art. It is such a cultural treasure that highlights the colorful and lively art culture of Nevada. 

Being the only authorized art museum in the state, it serves the great imagination and expressions of art full of joy.

The National Automobile Museum 89501

The National Automobile Museum is at 89501. It is a mesmerizing example of the long tradition of automotive innovation and design. 

The museum provides visitors with a fascinating tour through the development of the automotive industry owing to its tremendous collection of more than 200 vintage and historically significant automobiles. 

For enthusiasts and casual visitors, the exhibitions arranged by this museum, feature an extensive selection of automotive wonders from classic cars to rare and legendary models, offering a singular and immersive experience.

Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts 89501

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts known as the “Cultural Gem” was opened in 1967. It is situated at Virginia ST, Reno, NV.

The venue is home to some of the most well-known performing arts groups in the region. Including Artown, the A.V.A. Ballet Theatre, and the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Besides organizing local dance performances and foreign symphony tours, it also provides a venue for other artistic groups. 

The Most Expensive Zip Codes in Reno

89511 is undoubtedly one of Reno's most elite and expensive zip codes. This zip is famous for its prosperous areas, luxurious lifestyle, and gorgeous surroundings.

Arrowcreek, Fieldcreek, Galena, and Saddlehorn are among some of the widely recognized places that are included in this elite zip code, and they all add more to the area's popular reputation for wealth and luxury. Cost of living in these areas is very high among all over Reno

Top 2 Reno Neighborhoods by Area Codes

89511 and 80521 are considered the two best neighborhoods in Reno. Here’s why -

Arrowcreek, Reno 89511

Arrowcreek is a gated community famous for its amazing custom-built luxurious homes.

This place is known as the posh neighborhood in the Southwest of Reno. The area has become famous for its luxurious and elite lifestyle because of the gleaming views of mountains and Reno Skyline.

The area features spacious, custom-built homes with excellent features and wide lots, guaranteeing homeowners' privacy and comfort. 

This place is ideal for Golfers as it has a prominent golf course and country club.

The community of Arrow Creek includes a huge network of hiking and bicycle routes for individuals who appreciate being outside. 

Damonte Ranch, Reno Nevada 89521

Damonte Ranch is a master-planned community situated in Reno Nevada. The community was built in 1939. 

Damonte Ranch community is named after an Italian immigrant named Louis Damonte who farmed alfalfa and raised cattle in the area.

Several reputable public schools, parks, and recreation centers make an attraction to immigrants in choosing community living.

89501 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $400K
  • Average Rent: 1.50K
  • Average Days on Market: 60

89501 offers an assortment of real estate possibilities that fit different tastes and lifestyles, including modern condominiums, exquisite apartments, and historic residences. It provides a dynamic environment distinguished by a mix of lovely private homes and a strong rental market.

Schools in Reno 89501

Top Middle Schools in 89501

  • Darrell C Swope Middle School (6/10)
  • Fred W Traner Middle School (3/10)

Top High Schools in 89501

  • Earl Wooster High School (3/10)

89502 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $370k
  • Average Rent: $1.5k
  • Average Days on Market: 40

This area is a thriving entertaining place renowned for family-friendly locations such as Mira Loma Park, John Champion Memorial Park, and Indian Monument. 

These charming locations enhance the neighborhood's appeal by offering a wealth of leisure possibilities and a greater understanding of the region's natural beauty and cultural legacy to both locals and visitors. The mesmerizing and beautiful atmosphere of the area treats both residents and tourists in a significant way.

Schools in Reno 89502

Top Elementary Schools in 89502

  • Donner Springs Elementary School (5/10)
  • Smithridge Elementary School (4/10)
  • Roger Corbett Elementary School (4/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89502

  • Edward L Pine Middle School (5/10)

Top High Schools in 89502

  • Academy Of Art Careers And Technology (10/10)
  • Academy Of Career Education Charter School (7/10)

Top Private Schools in 89502

  • Little Flower School
  • Nevada Sage Waldorf School
  • Truckee Meadows School
* Schools are rated by GreatSchools based on test scores, college readiness, and equity data.

89503 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $450k
  • Average Rent: $2k
  • Average Days on Market: 46

Residents of 89503 can immerse themselves in the rich artistic legacy and lively community spirit of the neighborhood by visiting its well-known tourist destinations and attractions, which include the historic Riverwalk District and the Nevada Museum of Art. 

Also, The University of Nevada is very close to this zip and the neighborhood is nestled near the delightful Rancho San Rafael Dog Park, a haven for furry friends and their owners. 

Schools in Reno 89503

Top Elementary Schools in 89503

  • Hunter Lake Elementary School (9/10)
  • Mamie Towles Elementary School (7/10)
  • Peavine Elementary School (6/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89503

  • Archie Clayton Middle School (7/10)

Top High Schools in 89503

  • Robert Mc Queen High School (6/10)

Top Private Schools in 89503

  • St Albert The Great School 
  • The King's Academy 

89506 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $475k
  • Average Rent: $2k
  • Average Days on Market: 38

This zip code's natural beauty offers residents lots of chances for outdoor recreation and a close relationship with the natural world, which promotes a strong feeling of community and well-being. Famous places such as The Theatre offer a great entertaining life to residents. 

89506 is considered one of the cheapest real estate markets. Notably, the area maintains a competitive edge with an average listing price of $265 per square foot, rendering it an appealing option for potential homeowners and investors.

Schools in Reno 89506

Top Elementary Schools in 89506

  • Rollan D. Melton Elementary School (9/10)
  • Mamie Towles Elementary School (7/10)
  • Silver Lake Elementary School (6/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89506

  • B D Billinghurst Middle School (7/10)
  • Cold Springs Middle Schools (5/10)
  • William O'Brien Middle School

Top High Schools in 89506

  • Robert Mc Queen High School (6/10)
  • North Valleys High School

Top Private Schools in 89506

  • Sierra Nevada High School

89508 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $500k
  • Average Days on Market: 60

The area's affordable prices and appealing amenities attract all kinds of buyers, including first-time homebuyers, seasoned investors, and those looking to settle in a friendly and vibrant neighborhood.

89508 is a popular choice for people looking for a well-balanced combination of comfort, convenience, and a strong feeling of community because of its friendly atmosphere and easy access to recreational and critical activities.

Schools in Reno 89508

Top Elementary Schools in 89508

  • Silver Lake Elementary School (6/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89508

  • Cold Springs Middle Schools (5/10)

89509 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $899k
  • Average Rent: $2.5k
  • Average Days on Market: 47

The upscale 89509 zip code in Reno, Nevada has a thriving real estate market with a variety of magnificent homes that can satisfy the discriminating tastes of discerning buyers. The neighborhood draws people and families looking for wealthy and affluent living options.

Schools in Reno 89509

Top Elementary Schools in 89509

  • Roy Gomm Elementary School (9/10)
  • Hunter Lake Elementary School (9/10)
  • Jessie Beck Elementary School (7/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89509

  • Mount Rose Elementary School (7/10)
  • Darrell C Swope Middle School (6/10)

Top High Schools in 89509

  • Reno High School (6/10)

89510 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $745k
  • Average Rent: $2.6k
  • Average Days on Market: 47

The 89510 zip code has a reputation for its hospitable and tight-knit community, offering its citizens a friendly and inclusive setting that strengthens their sense of identity.

The housing market in this area appeals to purchasers on a tight budget. It's a good option for people looking for affordable housing because the median property price is $745k. 

Schools in Reno 89510

Top Elementary Schools in 89510

  • Alyce Savage Taylor Elementary School (8/10)
  • Spanish Springs Elementary School (7/10)
  • Silver Lake Elementary School (6/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89510

  • Lou Mendive Middle School (8/10)
  • Yvonne Shaw Middle School (6/10)
  • Cold Springs Middle Schools (5/10)

Top High Schools in 89510

  • Spanish Springs High School (4/10)

89511 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $1.59M
  • Average Rent: $3.15k
  • Average Days on Market: 65

Buyers can find magnificent properties in the 89511 zip code in Reno. Featuring a blend of lavish facilities, modern designs, and stunning vistas, the real estate in 89511 offers homeowners a warm and welcoming home. 

Arrow Creek is one of the most expensive areas in Reno, which is known for its luxurious lifestyle. The area is nestled among the wonderful hills and has stunning views of both the city and the countryside.

The neighborhood's close proximity to important facilities, like dining places, shopping malls, and schools, ensures that residents have easy access to leisure alternatives and daily requirements, enhancing their quality of life.

The Bartley Ranch Regional Park is an attraction for great leisure that attracts residents to live a convenient life in this zip. Moreover, this zip is also known for the gleaming mountain view of Mount Rose that is included in this area. It's the perfect place for luxury living.

Schools in Reno 89511

Top Elementary Schools in 89511

  • Ted Hunsburger Elementary School (9/10)
  • Caughlin Ranch Elementary School (9/10)
  • Elizabeth Lenz Elementary School (8/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89511

  • Doral Academy Northern Nevada (7/10)

Top High Schools in 89511

  • Coral Academy High School (9/10)
  • Reno High School (6/10)

Top Private Schools in 89511

  • Bishop Manogue Catholic High School
  • Sage Ridge School
  • Mountain View Montessori School

89512 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $264k
  • Average Rent: $1.5k
  • Average Days on Market: 25

In the heart of a vibrant neighborhood in Reno, Nevada, 89512 provides a broad range of real estate options in a lively and energetic community setting. 

Reno Rodeo Association is one of the most popular attractions in 89512. It acts as a hub for the rich cultural history and local activities of the area.

Schools in Reno 89512

Top Elementary Schools in 89512

  • The Davidson Academy of Nevada (10/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89512

  • Coral Academy Middle School (7/10)

Top High Schools in 89512

  • Tmcc Magnet High School (10/10)

Top Private Schools in 89512

  • Reno Christian Academy
  • Child & Family Research Center
  • The Church Academy

89519 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $1.2M
  • Average Days on Market: 51

89519 is a desirable location for people who enjoy being connected to the outdoors because it's accessible to parks, golf courses, and hiking trails, among other recreational opportunities.  

This neighborhood offers residents an idyllic getaway from the busyness of the city without sacrificing access to urban attractions and cultural events.

Schools in Reno 89519

Top Elementary Schools in 89519

  • Huffaker Elementary School (6/10)

Top Private Schools in 89519

  • Newton Learning Center

89521 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $745k
  • Average Rent: $2.6k
  • Average Days on Market: 47

The zip 89521 has a bustling real estate market with a wide variety of homes and a thriving neighborhood in Reno. The area includes the lovely communities of Damonte Ranch, Double Diamond, Curti Ranch, and Caramella Ranch.

The charming Virginia City highlands also reside in this area, which provides the area with a bit of visual splendor. Currently, the median listing price is right above $700k.

Schools in Reno 89521

Top Elementary Schools in 89521

  • Brown Elementary School (8/10)
  • Hugh Gallagher Elementary School (7/10)
  • Double Diamond Elementary School (6/10)
  • Poulakidas Elementary School 

Top Middle Schools in 89521

  • Kendyl Depoali Middle School (8/10)
  • Virginia City Middle School (7/10)

Top High Schools in 89521

  • Damonte Ranch High School (5/10)
  • Galena High School (5/10)

Top Private Schools in 89521

  • Triad School
  • St Nicholas Orthodox Academy
  • Foothills Church Academy

89523 Real Estate

  • Median Home Listing Price: $620k
  • Average Rent: $2.35k
  • Average Days on Market: 42

Zip 89523 is home to a variety of residential developments that accommodate a broad spectrum of housing needs and preferences. These developments include townhouses, single-family homes, and trendy condominium complexes.

89523 is unique because of its close proximity to beautiful parks, such as Northgate Park and the popular Mayberry Park.

With a median listed home price of $620K, Nevada's 89508 real estate market offers a wide range of options for housing that appeal to a variety of residents.

Schools In Reno 89523

Top Elementary Schools in 89523

  • Rollan D. Melton Elementary School (9/10)
  • George Westergard Elementary School (6/10)
  • Verdi Elementary School (6/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89523

  • Archie Clayton Middle School (7/10)

Top Middle Schools in 89523

  • Robert Mc Queen High School (6/10)

Top Private Schools in 89523

  • The Lion & The Lamb Christian School 
  • Caughlin Preschool
  • Riverview Christian Academy


Reno, Nevada is a remarkable city because of its diversity and family-friendly environment. Every area in this city is unique and has various delightful specialties. Finding the perfect place to live in Reno, “the biggest little city in the world” can be significantly simplified by being aware of the differences.

In addition, it is crucial to acquire perfect navigation knowledge through zip codes if you want a smooth mapping experience in cities such as Reno, Nevada in the USA.

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